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About Bill Burton

Bill Burton: community interests, government relations and business development planning In his more than 25 years experience, Bill Burton has broad experience in getting things done both inside and outside of government.

After graduating from Yale with a master's degree in city planning, Bill became a consultant to numerous local Vermont governments developing budget systems. His subsequent service in New York City's Department of Planning focused on infill housing initiatives and smaller-scale neighborhood redevelopment.

After a stint as a printer and publisher, Bill was elected Town Supervisor of Ossining, N.Y., a 34,000-resident Hudson River community in Westchester County, in 1991. Because New York State Town Supervisors are responsible for both operations and fiscal management, Bill worked closely with State, County, and many local officials on numerous issues. His successful projects included watershed conservation, cable television contracts, solid waste disposal, and economic development, and government reorganization and streamlining.

Bill joined Westchester County in 1998, helping to establish the County's Taxi & Limousine Commission. He formed Burton & Company in 2000 and has worked with several companies in developing community support and understanding for new natural gas-fired electric generating plants.

Most recently, Bill was elected to the Westchester County Board of Legislators, where he served four terms before retiring from the Board in 2012.

In every project with which Bill has been associated, he has developed relationships with technically-savvy professionals. These relationships can quickly be brought to bear on any project that needs them.

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